Publication Policy

  1. Journal of Celsus is open access, biannually scientific peer-reviewed journal. Special issues can be published with the decision of the editorial board.

  2. The language of the journal is English.

  3. Editorial Board is the only authority that decides whether the articles will be published or not.

  4. Legal responsibility for the content of the articles published in the British Journal of Celsus belongs to the author.

  5. Articles sent to the journal should not have been sent to another journal and/or published in another journal.

  6. Articles produced from the dissertations can be published provided that this issue is specified in the footnote.

  7. British Journal of Celsus supports the open access policy. Each article published in the journal can be read, downloaded, copied, printed, and linked in full text by the readers on a non-commercial basis.

  8. Submitted articles must be written in the article template. The responsibility of writing the article in the template belongs to the author. In case the submitted article does not comply with the instructions, editor will send the article back to the author with a request for correction.

  9. Maximum of 10 articles is included in each issue of the journal.

  10. Articles should not exceed 25 pages including bibliography.

  11. There is a 150£ non-refundable article submission fee in Celsus Journals. Any other fees other than the submission fee will not be charged. If the submitted article is rejected, the submission fee will not be refunded. However, the author(s) will be granted for one more article submission for the next issue(s).

  12. Article review process will be finalized in 45 days including pre-control and peer-review.

  13. Authors must re-submit papers in 10 days if any correction is requested by editors.

  14. Accepted manuscripts are put in the publication queue.

  15. In the pre-control stage, the authors can withdraw their articles if they wish.