Editorial Process

The Process starts with the submission of the paper by the author.

The editorial office performs an initial quality check on the manuscript to ensure that the paper is formatted correctly. If the initial quality is insufficient and the paper is not formatted correctly, the editorial office will contact with Author and request to format the manuscript according to the journal's instructions.

If the paper is well-formatted and within the journal's scope, the author will be asked to pay the submission fee to start the editorial evaluation process. The Editorial Process will not start until the submission fee is paid.

After the payment, an editor will be assigned and assess the paper for its quality and level of advance. If the editor decides the paper's general quality is low or does not have a new contribution to the field, the editor rejects the paper without sending a peer-reviewer. If the editor decides the paper's general quality is high, assigns a peer-reviewer. This process takes 14 days.

Peer-Reviewer has 30 days to evaluate the paper and submit the report. Peer-reviewer can request revisions. If the peer-reviewer requests revisions, the Author has 5 working days to re-submit the paper with revisions.

Once the required final report of the peer-reviewer is submitted, the article and the referee report are forwarded to the Editorial Board. Editorial Board is the sole authority on whether the article will be published or not.

The whole process will take a maximum of 45 days.